ABLAZE is the youth ministry of Hope Church (Singapore), consisting of youths from secondary schools and junior colleges all over Singapore.

We encourage our students to join small groups where they share life and know Christ better. Meaningful and wholesome friendships are built through supporting one another during stressful exams and tough times, and we have a whole load of fun along the way! Ultimately, our vision is to fulfil the Great Commission by discipling young people to build God-honouring communities that will impact the world.

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Think of the people in our lives that we aren’t blood-related to but consider family who enfold us – which relationships came to mind? Perhaps the truth is some of us don’t think it’s possible for such relationships to exist in our lives.

Will it always have to stay that way? Follow Yeng’s story as he opens up about how he went from feeling out of place to feeling like he belonged.

“I was someone who was very self-dependent and didn’t have many friends. I was often reluctant to open up or trust anyone because of past hurts in my life. I found myself doing things that would help others to accept me. 

All this changed when I came to know God and the warmth of His church. People came together to share vulnerably and were not afraid of being judged. My church mentor and small group members were also intentional to ask about my life, generously showering me with care beyond their comfort zone. I felt like I was accepted without having to do much. I felt loved and cared for and all these were really foreign to me. Gradually, I too decided to open up and allow people into my life to journey with me. 

I remember this one time when I was having a rather intense depressive episode. That night, my leaders came over to my place just to eat supper with me and get through that night together with me. Through them, I saw God’s tangible love for me and I felt remembered and cared for. 

After experiencing His love for me, I decided that I wanted to intentionally care for others because I knew what it felt like to feel lonely, unloved and uncared for. I wanted these individuals to know how much God loves and cares for them even if it means slight inconvenience on my end. I began to ask myself why I accepted God into my life and realised that all this while, I’ve been knowing but not allowing myself to be known. Christianity is indeed more than just a lifestyle, it is a  relationship I can have with God. There is joy in knowing and being known by Him. There is joy in knowing and being known by the people He places in my life, people who can spur each other on in this life.”

Maybe some of us don’t think we can trust that others wish the best for us, that people believe in us or are willing to go the extra mile for us. But we know that isn’t true.

Find out how the church is more than just a few people gathering once a week but a family that struggles together on 30 January, 2PM at https://hopesg.online.church/

There is no existence of God.
You can study science and you can understand logic, but you cannot see God.

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