See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

The word, promises and person of God is


The gospel is


and the king's return is


As we lead and live in the new normal, 

let us stay rooted in Christ and 

move fearlessly ahead with the Spirit.

In 2021

Hope Conference will be coming to your home, 
your city, your group, your family


Let us celebrate our 30th anniversary as one movement!


Singapore (GMT+8) 
South Africa & Eastern Europe (GMT+2) 
Latin America (GMT-3)

29 May • Sat


Session 1



30 May • Sun


Session 2




Lab Sessions




30th Anniversary Celebration
+ Session 3




As the Senior Pastor of Hope Singapore, Pastor Jeff is dedicated to seeing the church fulfil the Great Commission. Anointed in leadership, Pastor Jeff oversees churches all over the globe. He also invests much of his time in teaching leadership and building leaders.


Pastor Benny Ho is a renowned Bible teacher, and the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church in Perth Australia. He is also the founder of Arrows Ministry, helping churches to equip every member to become a minister for Christ.


Alan Platt is the founder of Doxa Deo Churches, which serves 30,000 people across South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand. Alan Platt is an inspiring, visionary leader who prayed and led radical city transformations.


1: Christ in Culture

As believers, we are called to be in but not of the world. We are also to be witnesses of Christ in our various spheres of influence. How can we remain biblically faithful, yet culturally relevant? Discover how we can engage culture biblically amidst the contemporary challenges towards the Christian faith.
[Pastor Daniel & Pastor Ferdie]

2: Art of Asking Questions

A key part of holding meaningful and fruitful conversations in community is intentionally asking meaningful questions. The art of asking questions can facilitate both introspection and sharing, for life transformation to take place. Learn practical tips and principles on asking good questions in your community.
[Buan Hua & Gideon]

3: Walking Out of the Prison of Pornography 

Get biblical perspectives and practical advice on the issues of pornography and masturbation. As God’s people, let’s create a community of honest conversations and opportunities to help one another. This straight-up talk is designed for both men and women aged 13 to adults. You can choose to stay anonymous in this lab.
[Pastor Shirley & Yunian]

4: Clarity in the Chaos – Making Biblical Decisions

One cannot shy away from making important decisions which may impact us for a long time. What should we do when the Bible doesn’t seem to speak directly to the decisions we’re trying to make? In our complex and confusing world, how do we go about discerning what is biblical, wise and beneficial for us?
[Pastor Timothy & Pastor James]

5: GO to the nations Online!

Though the pandemic has halted physical missions trips, there is huge untapped potential in the digital world to reach more for Christ. How can we make use of technology to befriend, connect and share the gospel globally? Come hear success stories and approaches on how we can serve and share the gospel across borders.
[Melody (CRU)]

6: Reach out across Cultures

In today’s globalized world, nations are home to people and cultures from around the world. This creates opportunities for the church to reach people who may have never heard the gospel before. How do we communicate and relate with other cultures effectively? What are some strategies that can enable us to share the gospel to them?
[Dr Ng Tjoh Dju (CRU)]

7: Unlock Treasures of Scriptures

The Bible contains the words of God written as words of men to varying audiences in varying contexts over many years. How can we study the Bible to truly understand its message? How can we apply its modern implications in our lives? Learn to study and unlock the treasures of Scripture together.
[Wei Hong & Raphael] 

8: Make Sense of Holy Spirit Baptism

What is the significance of Holy Spirit baptism? As a church, why do we practise the speaking of tongues? Can every believer be baptised in the Holy Spirit? If you’ve ever wondered about these questions, join this session to gain a biblical understanding of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and its significance in our lives.  
[Pastor Michael and Christine]

9: “Follow Me as I Follow Christ”

In 1 Corinthians 11:1, the Apostle Paul said to the church to imitate him as he imitates Christ. The Christian faith is lived out in community as we follow in God’s ways while learning and following in one another. No man is an island in our journey of spiritual growth. In this session, learn how our community can come alongside us to spur our spiritual growth.  
[Ee Lee & Zhengkai]

10: Priorities Reordered

The attractiveness of the world can sometimes blindside us from what truly matters. Part of the transformative work of the gospel in our lives entails the re-ordering of our deepest loves and personal lives in Christ. Discover how we can stay faithful to God and learn to abide in Him amidst the competing demands in life.
[Pastor Dennis & Angelina]



All children attend for free this year!


A whole day of learning, worship and exciting games catered for the 7 – 12 year old!

Brendon and Cathie Clancy will also be zooming in for a time of lesson and worship! They are the co-founders of Overflow Kids and OKTV together they have reached thousands of children and families with the message of hope in Jesus through presentations in schools, ministry in Churches, Music, TV and media.


A set of new materials will be prepared and released to parents before the conference, complete with bandana, shakers and activity book for the children to follow!



Anniversary of Hope

“A walk down memory lane,
and we see Your handprints,
every step of the way.”

Hope started with 5 people gathered in a small house.

Think of it.
That’s you and your life group in that house now.

30 years later, we are now a global movement.






 more than 12,000 like-minded believers loving neighbours, making disciples, and planting churches. 

We serve a  


He loves us, died for us, and trusted us with the greatest news the world ever needed.  
Let us come together and magnify His

 goodness & faithfulness 

over the years!

Limited edition conference box

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