Hitting The Stress Button

How many times have you said, thought, or heard someone say they’re stressed?

Home-based Learning and new measures by our schools are shaking up our usual study routine and perhaps even our mental state too.
Discover insights from the Bible about what makes us stressed and learn how we can manage it better in our daily life!

Part 1: Why so stressed?
Part 2: Turning distress to de-stress

New With Us?
Dealing with stress and anxiety can get pretty lonely sometimes.
We get it; that’s why we journey through life as a community here at Hope!
We’d love to connect you to one of our small groups to watch the service and enjoy post-service conversations and activities together.
Hit us up via our RSVP form below!


Saturday, 3 & 10 Oct
2pm & 5pm


Email us at or call us at our general hotline +65 3157 3900 if you need further information about our service or would like to join us for the first time. We look forward to seeing you!

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