Holy Spirit, The Enabler Of Our Victory

2020 is declared to be a year of victory, but we may feel beaten and helpless in this pandemic. How can we lift our eyes from what we see around us to the God who is above us? How can we remember and rejoice in the victory that He has won for us?
Discover how the Holy Spirit can empower us to live out and for the Gospel, and energise us in situations where we need God’s wisdom, power and hope!
Part 1: When We Need To Live Anew
12 Sep 2pm & 5pm | 13 Sep 10am, 2:30pm*, 5pm* & 6:30pm*
Part 2: When We Need Power
19 Sep 2pm & 5pm | 20 Sep 10am, 2:30pm*, 5pm* & 6:30pm*
Part 3: When We Need Hope

26 Sep 2pm, 4:30pmˆ & 5pm | 27 Sep 10am, 2:30pm*, 5pm* & 6:30pm*

*Filipino Services, ^Mandarin Service

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