Take Back Your Mind

Stress, fast-paced, constant change and evolving expectations – that is the world we live in.

Find out how we can take back our mind in this age of anxiety and receive peace.

Song In The Night by Pastor Chua Seng Lee

22 Sep, 10am

Author of “My Voice: Overcoming”, Pastor Chua Seng Lee collected honest stories from people suffering from depression. He has spent the last 27 years counselling and helping thousands in the area of emotional wellness and addiction.

Antidote for Anxiety

29 Sep, 10am

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. At times we feel challenged when circumstances are beyond our control. If we are too consumed by these worries or do not handle them well, we can end up in a downward spiral.

Find out how we can manage our stresses and build emotional resilience!

Come at 9am for free breakfast at our connect corner!

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