Thank God It’s Monday

From childhood to adulthood, we deal with the pressure to excel at school and at work. No wonder “thank God it’s Friday” is a popular catchphrase, while “Monday blues” describes the dread many of us feel when the week begins.

It can be hard to find meaning and satisfaction in our labour as we face challenges at work. But God cares deeply about how we are doing as employees and bosses. Discover what Scripture says about work and how we can approach the daily grind!

Back to the Origin

3 Aug 2pm & 5pm | 4 Aug 10am*

Beyond the Daily Grind

10 Aug 2pm & 5pm | 11 Aug 10am*

Sunday with Pastor Jeffrey Rachmat

(Executive Pastor of Jarkarta Praise Community Church)

18 Aug 10am*

*Kids programme available
*Free hot beverages and light snacks are available from 9am at Connect Corner

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