ABCD guides us to take the next step to be a disciple and disciple-maker. Being a disciple also means we Grow to become more like Jesus in every season.

Here are three ways how everyone in every life station can Grow!

1) Mentoring
Journey with a personal mentor and learn what it means to be disciples of Jesus in various aspects of our spiritual lives.
Upward – Our Devotional Life: Grow our relationship with Jesus, to discover His Word and to worship Him
Inward – Our Personal Life: Grow to pursue Biblical, Christ-centred decisions and breakthroughs
Outward – Our Ministry Life: Grow to love others by reaching out and serving people around us

2) Classes
Attend general or specialised classes tailored for our growth.
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3) Resources
Own our growth by learning individually, with our mentors, or with our Life Group. Available resources include:
– Devotions
– Leadership
– Seminar Recordings
– Sermon Discussion Guides


ABCD Journey

Step A to Step B
From Acknowledge to Belong

Step B to Step C
From Belong to Contribute

Step C to Step D
From Contribute to Disciple