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Book Study: 1 & 2 Samuel

Class Image of Book Study: 1 & 2 Samuel

God will accomplish His purposes with or without our cooperation. Yet our response to God’s call affects our outcome. The Books of 1 and 2 Samuel offer striking contrasts between succeeding God’s way and trying to achieve goals by any means necessary. This book study examines the life of King David, and shares how we can find true success through our character, conduct, and lifestyle. Though situations can be dire and relationships broken, the Books put forth a remarkable testimony to how God restores that which is broken as He works through people who avail themselves to Him.

Take note of the class location on the following dates:
9 Jun – Connect 702 @ Textile Centre
23, 30 Jun & 7 Jul – CT Hub Studios 1 & 2

Class Details
Sun 9, 23, 30 Jun & 7 Jul 2019
1:30 - 4pm

CT Hub Studios 1 & 2

Connect 702 @ Textile Centre Level 7

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