Is your heart hurting? Dying? Overwhelmed? Dulled and calloused?

In Proverbs, God instructs us “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

From this short verse, we know 3 things:

1) Our hearts are precious to God. It is of top priority that we look after our heart.

2) We live in a fallen world where there are many attacks on our hearts. We cannot afford to neglect it.

3) Our heart affects the outflow of our thoughts, our actions and our entire being.

So the question today is: How is your heart?

No matter what condition your heart is, we invite you to lay it down, submit it in prayer, and encounter Him afresh. Whether you need healing, fresh wind, or a transplant, know that God is more than able, and willing, to set your heart on fire for Him again.
我们的心, 或许在痛, 可能奄奄一息. 有时不知所措. 甚至不再喜悦,跳动,燃烧。

在箴言书中有这句: “最重要的是,要保护你的心, 因为你 所做的一切 都源于它。”


1) 我们的心对神来说是无价之宝,祂指示我们必定要照顾好我们的心,保守它。

2) 我们生活在一个堕落的世界,我们的心会受到许多攻击。我们不能轻易让人或事左右我们的心。

3) 我们的心影响着我们思想、行动、甚至是所做的一切。

所以今天的问题是: 你的心,还好吗?



Tell us how God is moving in your heart today!

Imagine stepping into the Garden of Eden, where God and Man walked together in the beginning. 

In this lush garden, you see trees and plants, leaves of all shapes and shades of rich green; the way they are when watered and thriving. You see flowers in full bloom and fruit ripe.

Everything is wonderful, thriving and fruitful — the way things are in God’s presence.

By the blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ, we are back in the sweetness of God’s presence. When we delight in God’s word, we will be like a tree planted by streams of water. (Psalm 1:1-3).

When we stay close to God, the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control – will take root, grow, and flourish in our hearts.


一切都是美妙的、欣欣向荣、生机勃勃 — 当我们与神亲近时,一切都是如此。


借着我们救主耶稣基督的宝血,我们能感受神与我们同在。当我们以神的话语为乐时,我们就会像一棵栽在溪水旁的树。 (诗篇 1:1-3)。

当我们亲近上帝,圣灵的果子 — 仁爱、喜乐、和平、忍耐、恩慈、慷慨、信实、温柔、节制 — 就会在我们心中生根、成长和开花。
“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

Like the serpent that wraps itself around the heart; we can still be wrapped up in our own deceitfulness.

Jeremiah 17:9 tells us that deceitfulness is not merely a short-lived state of our heart, but its permanent condition. Have you ever been deceived by your own heart when you thought you knew what was best for you? Pride cripples our relationship with God. When we lack humility, submitting to His wisdom becomes an impossible feat.

If you recognise the deceitfulness in your heart, there is hope. God can bring unparalleled clarity into our souls when we put our confidence in Him. Ask, and God will reveal areas of your life that have been plagued by stubborn deceit.
“人心比万物都诡诈, 坏到极处。谁能识透呢?”


耶利米书 17:9 告诉我们,诡诈不仅仅是我们内心短暂的状态,而是它的常态。




Pain, expected or unexpected, feels like an arrow through the heart. At times, our sorrow runs so deep that it physically hurts. Will the arrow ever budge? How many more can we take?

Jesus isn’t indifferent to the pain. He knows. He understands. Our hurt is not lost upon Jesus. Even in a sea of your tears, He walks closer to you and the waves of despair cannot push back His love.

God understands our pain like no one does. God is near us like no one else. When we bring our hurts to Him, He will teach us not to push them aside, but to navigate through them with Him.

Above all, God will help us fix our minds on Him. Take heart and have peace that His Spirit who is within us, is One who heals and makes new.



当我们把伤痛带到祂面前时,祂并不会要我们将痛推到一边,祂会与我们一起渡过。最重要的是,上帝会帮助我们专心于祂。振作起来并保持平安,因为在我们里面的圣灵是治愈和更新的那一位。 你愿意吗?
In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus mentions three thorns that choke the Word in our life. One of these is worry over things we can’t control – economy, our children, and the future.

An anxious heart is a cluttered heart. It leaves no room for God’s presence. It crowds out the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Instead, our mind and heart become burdened with uncertainty.

Worry takes away our joy and our ability to give thanks to God. It ultimately separates our intimacy with our good, loving and holy God.

Are you choked up with worry? God says you can cast your anxieties fully on to Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7). You can overcome anxiety and worry through trusting in God’s power over all things and His provision for your every need.

其中的一个荆棘是担心我们所无法控制的事情— 比如经济、我们的孩子、未来。






At the first drip of wax, we wince at the pain of the heat.

The tenderness of our heart of flesh feels the pain of rebelling against God.But overtime, when left neglected and unrestrained, pride, lust, and bitterness coat our hearts, harden like wax, and numb us to God’s love (Matthew 13:15). Overtime, our hearts will grow hardened, unfeeling, disobedient, and cold.

The best way to clear out hardened wax is to expose it to new fire. If your heart is no longer tender before God, come close to His refining fire.

He is patiently waiting for you to turn to Him. He can melt what has been hardened and breathe new life into us.

Let the Holy Spirit melt away that which is crowding your heart, let our hearts be soft before Him again.
“啊!” 当热热的蜡不小心滴下,我们会马上下意识地缩回我们的手。

同样的,我们若对神存有柔软的心,当圣灵轻轻指出我们的过错,我们的心马上能感受背叛神的煎熬。但随着时间流逝,当我们忽视圣灵的指引,骄傲、欲望和悲恨将开始麻木我们的心。就如蜡慢慢硬化,我们的心会开始对上帝的爱麻木(马太福音 13:15)。久而久之,我们的心就会变得刚硬、无情、冷漠、不再服从。


让我们的心在祂面前再次变得柔软。 你愿意吗?
Are you concerned with only what looks good on the outside? Are you so caught up with the beauty of the facade, that you care not about the inside of the house?

Man sees the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.

Jesus had this to say: “Woe to you, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.”

Let God clean the filth and rot within. Instead of a polished exterior, God longs to renew us inwardly day by day.

May we not be someone who looks into the mirror, and forget what we look like. His truth will set us free to live not by what the worlds defines us, but by what He defines us to be – a beloved child of His.




Fire has many functions; one of it is to revive life that cannot flourish without its intervention. When a fire spreads through a forest, not only does it burn up everything that was dead and needed to be cleared away, but it also helps to germinate certain seeds that can only grow when scorched and awakened by the flames.

This is what God’s refining fire can do for our hearts if we allow Him to. We can allow the Holy Spirit to reveal our sins, to set us free, and to transform us to be like Christ. We can choose to endure challenges and adversities, so that our faith in Christ is proven genuine and firm (1 Peter 1:7).

We do not need to fear being burned. We can choose to let God set our hearts on fire for His purpose and glory, and carry His revival fire to our family, neighbourhood, nation, and the world.

如果我们允许,这就是上帝精炼的火能为我们的心做的事。我们可以让圣灵揭示我们的罪,释放我们,改变我们,使我们更像耶稣基督。我们可以选择忍受挑战和逆境,从而证明我们对耶稣基督的信心是真诚和坚定的(彼得前书 1:7)。

我们不必害怕被烧毁。然而,我们可以为上帝的旨意和荣耀选择让祂点燃我们的心,并将祂的复兴之火带到我们的家庭、邻里、国家和世界。 你愿意吗?

If God has moved you through this small effort of ours, we would love to hear about it.