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Jeremiah Ng


I need a prayer request for my girlfriend.

A little background, she has depression and annorexia. I've been one of her main care givers over the years and recently she's been through a lot. Not to be too long winded but in summary the circuit breaker didn't do very good for her. She sorta became worse mentally and physically. Right now with the openning of SG in Phase 2, she's still sufferent the physical and mental strain the circuit breaker had on her.

She's become more depressed and physically she's been experiencing alot of pain and nausea.

I would like prayer for her, to be really healed deeply and fully. Not just to be able to tide across this season but truly to be fully healed after so many years of battling these mental illnesses. It's a bit prayer but I'll shoot for the moon.

I also need prayer for myself as I go through this dark season with her. Emotionally and mentally I am at a peak. To balance and keep everything balanced. I will be honest and say that whatever she is going through is affecting me. I need prayer to for strength, wisdom and also peace from God.

Received: June 21, 2020