Jocelyn Chng was her family’s chief breadwinner at 21 and a widow with three sons at 37. Today, she is the driving force behind JR Group, and ‘Chef-In-Box VendCafe’, Singapore’s first unmanned vending-machine cafe. Hear how she journeyed through years of personal pain and tough business hurdles to emerge as the successful entrepreneur and mother she is today.

Gratitude honours God, for it is at the heart of all true worship and service. So what does it look like to have a spirit of thanksgiving?

Get up close and personal in a live interview with Annette Lee, singer-songwriter and better known for her character ‘Sue Ann’ on SGAG. Annette will share her personal journey on dealing with expectations in her student days.

Alan Platt is the founder of Doxa Deo Churches, which currently serves 30,000 people across South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand. Alan Platt is an inspiring, visionary leader who has not just prayed for citywide change; he has led it. He created a movement of unified churches working together for radical city transformation. His journey from concern to compassion will move you to believe God for the miraculous.