Years of drug addiction and imprisonment caused a great divide between James and his son. What could restore this broken relationship?

Jey’s world came crashing down when his dad went missing after murdering his mum. Discover how he found restoration and the strength to forgive.

Pregnant in her early 20s, June struggled with years of guilt and shame of abortion. Hear how she walked out of her darkest tunnel with renewed hope.

At 11, Benny was packing opium. For the next 20 years, drugs consumed him. See what transformed him from hardcore drug addict to a thriving entrepreneur.

Diagnosed with brain cancer with six months to live, Jason strove to be a good husband and father. Then, a miracle happened. Today, he lives to tell his story.

Her daughter was born with abnormalities. Her first husband left her. She could only afford one meal a day. How did Judith beat the odds?