Giving to God's Vision

Because of your sacrificial and generous giving, Hope Singapore moved into The Axis auditorium debt-free in 2012. And in the last 7 years, God has done immensely more than what we would have imagined.

All this would not have been possible without your decision to invest in God’s vision for His church.

As Hope Singapore embarks on a new chapter in 2019, you can again be part of something greater than yourself. If you call Hope HOME, you are invited to sow financially into God’s church so that even more lives can encounter and know His love, locally and globally.

Participate Now

From 18 May to 31 August 2019, Hope Singapore aims to raise a total of S$1 million through “This is Home” to fund our local regional centres and global missions work.

Local Regional Centres


To defray the start-up costs of $2.4 million for our new regional centre at New Tech Park. This includes renovation costs, furniture, fittings and technical equipment.

Global Missions


To supplement our missions expenses in 2019. We have budgeted to spend $760,000 on missions. This includes trips made to equip our daughter churches and the overseas conferences that we run.

You are just one step away

We invite you to hear from God on how He would like you to participate in building His church.

Living Stones

Meet the people who encountered the love of Jesus in our Home.


Hope Bataan, Philippines

Before knowing Jesus, I was into ladies wear and never considered cutting my hair. For almost two years, I was invited to Life Group by the people of Hope and I would always ignore them, but they never gave up reaching out to me. One day, I met my friend at where Life Group was happening and it turned out to be the beginning of my journey with Jesus. I felt His love, was convicted, and received Him as my personal Lord & Saviour. As I grew to know about God, He spoke to me about my real identity as His child. He transformed my life and my belief. In 2017, I decided to cut my hair and there was a shift that happened inside of me. I quit smoking, and stopped drinking and flirting with others. Today, I still have struggles, but I know God is working in me and am thankful that He strengthens me in times of my weakness. I am a work in progress, and because of what Jesus has done, I am already standing in victory!

Wei Qi

North East, Adults

I grew up knowing who Jesus was, but did not have a good experience with my previous church. In December 2016, a friend invited me to Hope’s Christmas celebration at a condominium function room and the people were welcoming, and I felt comfortable talking with them. When my riend invited me again in 2017,  I started going for service at Seletar Country Club more regularly. At one of the services, I decided to commit myself to Jesus. I enjoyed going to Life Group, where people are vulnerable to share about their lives. Their stories encouraged and helped me to learn more about God. I’m thankful to belong in a LG, and have a mentor who can keep me accountable and guide me on how I can grow my relationship with God!

Zheng Hui

North East, Adults

I came to Hope through a friend’s invitation to Common Ground, a Young Adults event at North East Centre. During the session, God softened my heart as I listened to the life story of Judith Halim and God’s grace in her life. I began to enjoy the Life Group activities and attend services more regularly to find out more about God and His people. Whenever I looked at the people around me singing with conviction during worship, I wondered how are they so sure that this God, is the God? I was slowly introduced to Jesus, His love, grace, mercy for us. What really opened my heart to Jesus was the endless testimonies of God’s goodness. Two months later, I accepted Christ and now belong to a spiritual family!


God has given Hope Singapore the vision to fulfil the Great Commission. To realise this vision, we need to plant new regional centres and be greatly involved in global missions. Therefore, we are moving our North East Centre to a more permanent and convenient location. This makes our services more accessible to the public. At the same time, we are continuing to expand our work in global missions with the aim that more people can know Jesus. With that, the financial resources needed are also great and we hope to raise funds to support this cause.

First, it seeks to raise S$1 million to support the vision. Secondly, it gives everyone who calls Hope Singapore “Home”, a chance to personally own this God-given vision. Moreover, sacrificial giving from the heart is one way that strengthens our personal trust and faith in God.

The work needed to set up the new centre includes renovation, furniture, fittings and equipment. This is needed to equip the venue to be ready for running a church service. Resources are also required to fund the work of our global churches. This includes the trips made to equip our global church leaders so that more lives can be impacted.

For every S$1 you give, S$0.80 will go towards the startup costs for the new centre and S$0.20 will go towards global missions. The amount raised would be used to defray the spending on these 2 areas. The remaining amount would be paid for using the church’s savings. This allocation was made in proportion to the size of the needs in these two areas.

From our regular pool of tithers and givers, we estimate that if each member gives 0.2 times of income (on top of tithes), we would be able meet the goal. For example, if I give a monthly tithe of $300, I can try to give an extra $600 offering to this campaign. We’re sharing this calculation to show that the goal is achievable!

Each person should contribute according to his or her ability and circumstances. The amount is not as important as the spirit with which we give. What we’re asking you to do is to seek God and hear from Him personally for an amount to give. It may be less, or even more. But the key is to choose obedience and give with a spirit of faith and personal sacrifice. More importantly, let God build your life with this experience!

The campaign communications would end on 31 August 2019. However, you can continue to give to the campaign up till the end of 2019. We would report the entire amount collected for this campaign in our financial report at the end of the year.

Yes. If you want your gift to go to a specific cause like missions, please indicate your gift clearly. The easiest way to do so is to select the specific category through our giving website.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to email them to