Series: Galatians: Freedom in the Gospel Part 3
Title: The True Meaning of Living in the Spirit
Text: Galatians 5:13-26

In Christ, we have been set free but this freedom is not a license for us to do whatever we want. Instead, believers are to live righteously and this can only be achieved through living in the Spirit. What does living in the Spirit truly entail? How can we do so?

General Questions

  1. We have immense potential and power in the Holy Spirit. Why do you think we often overlook or under-estimate the power of living in the Spirit?

Perspective questions

  1. At times, we struggle intensely against our fleshly desires. But the battle is not won by us trying harder, but by yielding ourselves completely and allowing the Spirit to take control. How does this perspective change the way we view our struggles against sin?

  2. ⁠The works of the flesh can result in a destruction of fellowship, relationship and holiness. Conversely, the fruit of the Spirit produces godliness in us. As we ponder on the contrasting lists, consider which areas we need to rely on the Holy Spirit to help us in.
  3. The Holy Spirit will convict not condemn, illuminate not impose, guide not guilt trip us. He is not an impersonal power but a personable person. How does knowing this help us to live in the Spirit daily?

Application questions

  1. What is one practical action we can take in our daily lives to be led by the Spirit?

  2. As a church, we are meant to be outward looking and to love and serve others around us as we live in the Spirit. As a lifegroup, reflect on how we have been doing in this. What is one thing we can do together to express our love and service to others?

Series: Galatians: Freedom in the Gospel Part 3
Title: The True Meaning of Being Free
Text: Galatians 5:1-12

The true meaning of freedom comes through faith in Christ and obedience to the truth.

General questions

  1. What does it mean to be free in Christ? How is it different from how the world defines freedom?

Perspective questions

  1. During your walk in Christ, have you felt pressured to do something in order to maintain your salvation? E.g., spiritual disciplines – going to church, doing quiet time, ministry. What was it and how has your perspective changed?
  2. How does faith in Christ and obedience to the truth enable us to live in freedom?
  3. There is a difference between feeling guilty and being stuck in feeling condemned. When we sin, how can we grapple with the guilt we face yet not be stuck in condemnation?

Application questions

  1. What is one area you struggle to obey God in? Commit these struggles to God as a lifegroup and pray that your passion for righteousness will increase and surpass the desire to sin.

Title: Abiding in Christ
Preacher: Ps Edmund Chan
Text: Matthew 4:19

In the pursuit of purpose and success, we are often caught up in accomplishment, acquisition, and admiration. However, even with all these successes, we are faced with a lingering emptiness.
Learn what forms our security, identity, and integrity, and brings complete satisfaction to our soul.

Title: Global Harvest
Preacher: Ps Jeff
Text: Acts 13:1-3, Acts 14:21-23

We are global christians with a global vision because our God is global. He loves globally and redeems globally.
But, how far are we willing to go for Jesus?
Let’s learn how to abide in Christ for the harvest.

Preacher: Ps Samuel Phun
Text: Judges 2:10

God is raising up the next generation and it starts with us. As time passes, culture will change, requiring us to be equipped to reach out to the younger generation.

Learn how we can become disciple markers and love them intentionally.

Title: The Other Side
Preacher: Ps Daniel Wee
Text: Luke 10:30-36

Many opportunities happen by chance. Some even turn into divine encounters where we get to show the love of Christ to someone.
However, we often let these opportunities pass us by because we don’t like disruption, unfamiliarity, and inconvenience.
Learn how we can overcome barriers in reaching out to our community and be filled with compassion to cross over to the other side.

Title: Abiding for Holiness
Preacher: Ps Benny Ho
Text: James 1:13-18

Have you gone through trials and observed your faith fading? In those trials, who do we trust – God, Satan or ourselves? Testings aren’t temptations but opportunities to strengthen our faith in Him. Learn the key to live in holiness and how we can become fighters of our own faith.

Title: Faith That Moves Mountains
Series: Therefore, Go

A sermon by guest speaker Pastor Joseph Sachariah.

Series: Therefore, Go
Title: The Good News for All People
Text: Acts 11:19-21

The Antioch Church had humble beginnings but eventually became a key missionary base to the surrounding regions. What can we learn from the Early Church from the beginnings of the Antioch

General Questions:

  1. What caused the news about Christ to take hold among many who heard it? What does this passage show us about the early church’s understanding of God’s role in evangelism? How does this influence our understanding of evangelism today?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Having certain preconceived notions or even stereotypes of people from different cultures can contribute to our hesitance in bringing the gospel to them. How does know that God is a global God help in addressing our reservations?
  2. The early church demonstrated that it was possible to live for Christ and His purpose in all circumstances. What are some personal circumstances (e.g. poor health, stretched finances) we are currently facing that can hinder us from living for Christ (including preaching the gospel to others)? What is God encouraging us to surrender to Him today? What would living for Christ amid these circumstances look like?

Application Questions:

  1. The hands and the heart are connected. What is one practical step you can take to develop our heart for missions? What is one step the LG can consider embarking on together?
  2. Think about the different relationships and interactions we have in our lives. Which of these are cross-cultural? How can we build bridges with these people that God has placed in our paths?
Series: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Title: Deep in Loving
Text: Song of Songs 8:5-7
How does love in marriage look like? Love in marriage expresses itself in faithfulness to each other, reliance on God’s empowerment and transcendence above earthly values.
General Questions:
  1. If an electronic device is broken, do you prefer to repair or buy a new one? In an affluent society, we are used to discarding rather than fixing stuff. How does this mindset influence our view of relationships and marriages?
  2. In today’s society, people do not like the idea of commitment. What do you think are the reasons why people may shy away from commitment in marriage? What does it reflect about what these people value?
Perspective Questions:
  1. Why do you think God values marital faithfulness so much? What does it reflect about Him and His desires for us?
  2. Why is accountability in our marriage important? Are there specific boundaries we may need to set to safeguard our marriage? Are there pastoral leaders whom we can choose to be accountable to?
Application Questions:
  1. For married couples, it is difficult for us to die to self and love our spouse sacrificially without God’s empowerment. What is one challenge in your marriage that you need to ask the Holy Spirit to empower you in? Think of a specific example and commit to allowing God to change you.
  2. For couples, what is one practical step you need to take together to strengthen your marriage? Some possible ideas include:
    – Taking up a love challenge (e.g. 40 Day Fire Proof Love Challenge)
    – Setting aside a “date night” weekly
    – Praying for one another regularly
  3. For courting couples and singles, drawing close to God before marriage will prepare us to weather storms in our future marriages. What are some practical action steps we can take to draw close to God?