Orange parenting sessions are created for parents who are believers to guide their children in the ways of God. The age-appropriate courses are held after services on Sundays and last only 30 minutes.

For married couples who are preparing for parenthood, the Parenting Preparation Course will equip and prepare them to be parents. This course will empower participants to navigate the challenges of becoming a parent for the first time – from planning to conception and before the baby arrives.

This course is for any parent or carer of teenagers, are a single parent or a step-parent. It is designed to empower parents to be the best parent they can be.

While the foundations are based on Christian principles, it is also suitable for non-Christians as the course provides skills and methods on parenting but does not require the participant to know scripture. Many non-Christian parents have benefitted from the program and enjoyed the sessions.

Ready to get married and make a pledge before God? Have lots of questions or just want to learn more about what it means to build a godly marriage, keep the love going, and live a fulfilling marriage life?

The Marriage Preparation Course is specially designed for couples who intend to marry in the year ahead. Consisting of 6 lessons of valuable practical tips taught by trained and experienced (in marriage, yes!) instructors, this course gives couples a good head start and helps them to evaluate their journey as a couple.

Completion of this course is a pre-requisite for couples to be married by Hope Church Singapore, as we really want you to benefit from this programme!