The ABCD Journey​

Take the next step to be a disciple and disciple-maker through ABCD - Acknowledge, Belong, Contribute and Disciple.


Jesus as Lord & Saviour

Step A is where you make a decision to invite Jesus into your life and have a personal relationship with Him. At this step, you acknowledge Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour.


to the Local Church

Belonging to the Local Church is to regularly make time to join services and life groups. As individuals, we seek after God by reading His Word, praying and worshipping. We declare our faith in Christ through water and Holy Spirit baptism. Believers are also invited to become members of Hope Singapore.


to God's Work

Contributing is a way to express our love for God and His people. We contribute by investing our time, talents and treasure to build God’s church. Make time to be equipped as a contributor through our Contribute class and serve with excellence!


Others to Follow Jesus

Participate in the Great Commission to disciple others to follow Jesus. As you mature in your faith, you can begin making disciples by mentoring another believer. You can also serve God as a Life Group Leader.


Grow equips us to become more like Jesus in every season.


Journey with a personal mentor and learn what it means to be disciples of Jesus in various aspects of our spiritual lives.


Attend general or specialised classes tailored for our growth.


Part of the equipping arm of Hope Singapore to prepare believers for the local and global work of Christ.

Family Life

Equipping and building Christ-centred families to overcome life challenges and model and reflect the love of Christ.


Own our growth by learning individually, with our mentors, or with our Life Group.