About Family Life

Families are the basic building blocks of a society; a society and a nation can only become strong and stable when families are built strong.

As a church, we would like to equip and build Christ-centred families with the following objectives:

  • To model and reflect the love of Christ within our families and to the people around us
  • To touch lives and impact the community by impacting other families
  • To help families overcome life challenges


The Marriage Preparation Course is specially designed for couples who intend to marry in the year ahead. This 6-lesson course consists of valuable practical tips taught by trained and experienced instructors, giving couples a good head start and helps them to evaluate their journey as a couple before marriage.


Marriage is a life-long commitment between a man and a woman to each other, and also symbolises and reminds us of the spiritual union between Christ and His church.

We hope to equip and build the marriages in church strong so that they can withstand the different seasons and challenges in life.


Children are a gift from God. As parents, we are to be good stewards of this gift that God has given to us by teaching and training them in the Word of God, so that the spiritual legacy can be pass on to the future generations.

Married couples do go through ups and downs in their marriages. At times, we may need a little external help to walk us through a difficult season in our lives. We have trained and experienced Marriage Mentors who have been through different phases in life and they are able to walk through with you for a season in your marriage. Our Marriage Mentor would help you to discover the strength and growth points in your marriage and equip you with tools that you can use to improve your marital relationship.

If you are experiencing some challenges in your marriage and you need help in this area, you may contact us.

For couples who are already serving as mentors (Step D), they can apply for our Marriage Mentoring class to be trained as Marriage Mentors.

In this class, participants will be equipped with facilitation skills and trained to use a professional assessment tool to help couples discover strength and growth points in their relationship.

Upon completion of the course, participating couples are expected to serve as marriage mentors..

For couples to be considered for serving as marriage mentors, they ought to:

– Be married for at least 5 years

– Be in a stable and growing marriage

– Have the desire to grow spiritually

– Be active serving mentors of Hope Singapore

– Have demonstrated pastoral care and love for people in the church and community

– Have the desire to see other couples grow in their marriages and make disciples in the family

– Complete Prepare Enrich Assessment with Hope Singapore Marriage Mentors

– Be recommended by their pastoral leaders and Family Life Ministry leaders who are confident they can mentor other couples

Couples who are keen to serve as marriage mentors can approach and speak to their pastoral leaders or email Family Life Ministry at [email protected]

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