Home Ground (2/2) A Faith Worth Passing On

16 May 2021
Daniel Tan, Executive Pastor

Home ground is an area in which one is intimately familiar, confident, and secure in. While commonly used in the sporting world, this can also describe our home. Explore how we can partner with Christ to defend our home ground and strengthen the relationships with our spouse and children.

General Questions:

1) What are some consequences of not passing on our faith to the next generation? How do you think it will affect parents and others in the church?
2) Do you need support to educate our children about what God has done and expects of His people? What areas of support do you need? What are the ways the church is actively doing this today?

Perspective Questions:
1) Some parents feel they are not well-verse in the Bible and “outsource” the teaching of faith in Christ to the church. Do you agree with this approach? What are the possible pitfalls of this approach?
2) Parents may struggle to model obedience and grace for the children. What are some reasons for the struggles? How can the church, including one another in the LG help?
Application Questions:
1) Share some ‘good practices’ and ‘bad practices’ you have come across in educating the next generation about Christ. Who can you lovingly share some of these ideas with in the coming week?
2) After the events in Deuteronomy, the Israelites entered the Promised Land and set up memorial stones as instructed by God. The stones remind God’s people of His deeds and encourage them to follow Him. What are some ‘stones’ you can set up to remind yourself of His goodness in your life? How will you use them to encourage the next generation?