Call Of A Disciple [3/4]: Following The Voice Amidst Noises

27 June 2022
Daniel Tan, Executive Pastor

Series: Call Of A Disciple
Title: Following The Voice Amidst Noises
Text: Matthew 7:15-23

Believers may be hindered from following Jesus because they are distracted or derailed by false prophets. They might also be deluded over their own relationship with God. What are some ways in which believers can recognise false prophets, and properly evaluate their own walk with God?

General Questions:

  1. In Matthew 7:15, Jesus states that though false prophets are ferocious wolves, they come to us in sheep’s clothing. What does this imagery teach us about the role of false prophets? Based on this imagery, what could false prophets look like in today’s context?

  2. Based on the context provided in the preceding passages (Matthew 5-7), what could “good fruit” (v17) refer to?

Perspective Questions:

  1. What are some things that can make us susceptible to being deceived by false prophets? What do these tendencies reveal about our walk with God?

  2. Besides being deceived by false prophets, we can deceive ourselves when we become complacent in our walk with Jesus. How and why do we become complacent? What are your potential pitfalls? How can the LG support you in overcoming such complacency?

  3. While we want to be careful about who and what we are listening to, we do not want to veer to the extreme of being critical of every speaker/leader we encounter. How does one be discerning but not critical? What are some attitudes we need to adopt in doing so?

Application Questions:

  1. Refer to the self-examination questions raised during sermon. Think of one area in your life that the LG can support you in as you strive to be a true disciple of Christ.

    • Do I desire to appear right before man more than to live right before God?

    • Are we motivated by church activities more than a desire to know God?

    • Are we concerned about what you can do for God more than what God wants to do in you?

    • Are you concerned about being theologically right more than walking right?

    • Do we seek after God’s blessings more than we seek after God?

    • Do you feel good about your “righteous acts” more than being sorrowful over your sins?