Essential Worship (2/2): Endless Worship

23 August 2020
Shirley Melinda, Pastor

Title: Endless Worship
Series: Essential Worship
Text: Rev 7:9-17

Since worshipping is what believers are going to be doing for all eternity, it’s important to learn what worship’s truly about! What does worship involve and what is its significance for us today?

1) We will be from every people (Rev 7:9a)

What do you think it means to worship? When you think of worship, do you see it as an individual activity or a communal experience? What does it mean to you that at the end of history, we will worship God together with believers from every tribe and tongue? John Piper once said, “Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” How does this quote change or reinforce your perception of worship?

2) We will give all glory to God (Rev 7:9b-12)

Why can we give glory to God no matter what we are going through? Are most people you know escapists (“There are no enemies”), defeatists (“There are enemies and they have won”) or victors (“There are enemies but God has won”)? Why do you say so? The opposite of giving glory to God is seeking glory for ourselves. How can the LG remind one another that only God deserves the glory?

3) We will receive our greatest joy (Rev 7:15-17)

God is our shelter, provider and shepherd – how have you experienced God in these areas? The reality for many of us is that we still have to go through the storm, we still have unfulfilled desires and we still face dangers. How does the truth about God’s character give us joy still? How does the truth affect our worship?