Focus 2020: We Have Won (Part 2)

12 January 2020
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor
Title: We have Won – Victory as a Church
Text: Rev 7:9-10
Series: Focus 2020

The Bible paints a glorious picture of the saints who struggle through persecution to be victorious in Christ. What does this picture imply for our church today?

Discussion Guide

– At times, it is difficult to accept people who are different from you. Are there any people groups (different nationalities, ethnic group, ideological groups) that you may struggle to love? What is behind the struggle? Let’s surrender to God and ask Him to allow you to see them as God’s beloved children.

– The Church is glorious and victorious in Christ in the end times. As she progresses towards that reality in our time today, we ought not be bystanders in the journey. How can you offer yourself to God’s purpose and call for the church?

– God has given His people victory over the sins of their lives. What are some ways that we as recipients of God’s grace can practically show our gratitude to Jesus?  How can we do so as a community of believers?