Freedom In The Gospel Part 3 [2/4]: The True Meaning Of Living in the Spirit

10 June 2024
Yam Chien Meng

Series: Galatians: Freedom in the Gospel Part 3
Title: The True Meaning of Living in the Spirit
Text: Galatians 5:13-26

In Christ, we have been set free but this freedom is not a license for us to do whatever we want. Instead, believers are to live righteously and this can only be achieved through living in the Spirit. What does living in the Spirit truly entail? How can we do so?

General Questions

  1. We have immense potential and power in the Holy Spirit. Why do you think we often overlook or under-estimate the power of living in the Spirit?

Perspective questions

  1. At times, we struggle intensely against our fleshly desires. But the battle is not won by us trying harder, but by yielding ourselves completely and allowing the Spirit to take control. How does this perspective change the way we view our struggles against sin?

  2. ⁠The works of the flesh can result in a destruction of fellowship, relationship and holiness. Conversely, the fruit of the Spirit produces godliness in us. As we ponder on the contrasting lists, consider which areas we need to rely on the Holy Spirit to help us in.
  3. The Holy Spirit will convict not condemn, illuminate not impose, guide not guilt trip us. He is not an impersonal power but a personable person. How does knowing this help us to live in the Spirit daily?

Application questions

  1. What is one practical action we can take in our daily lives to be led by the Spirit?

  2. As a church, we are meant to be outward looking and to love and serve others around us as we live in the Spirit. As a lifegroup, reflect on how we have been doing in this. What is one thing we can do together to express our love and service to others?