Freedom In The Gospel Part 3 [3/4]: The True Meaning Of Doing Good

18 June 2024
Michael Raditya

Series: Galatians: Freedom in the Gospel Part 3
Title: The True Meaning of Doing Good
Text: Galatians 6:1-10

The true meaning of doing good comes from restoring others gently with humility and meeting the practical needs of others with perseverance.

General Questions

  1. Think about a time where a fellow believer did good to you by restoring you gently or met a practical need you had. Share how you were impacted by that.

Perspective questions

  1. Being prideful is one of the things that Paul warns the restorer to be careful of when we are restoring another believer. What are signs that you are falling into the sin of pride while restoring another believer?

  2. ⁠Paul encourages us to restore each other in gentleness. How is gentleness expressed in the context of correcting another?
  3. Doing good to others may not seem difficult to most of us. But doing good to others consistently and persevering to do so may be challenging. What are some ideas to help ourselves persevere in doing good when the going gets tough?

Application questions

  1. Doing good to others means speaking the truth in love and restoring others gently with humility. To what extent are we open and humble enough to receive correction from fellow brothers and sisters? Have we invested in building strong relationships in order to give and receive restoration when we sin? If not, what is one small step we can take to do so?

  2. What is one specific way you can do good by meeting the needs of someone this week? Allow the Holy Spirit to direct you in how you can love someone through meeting a practical need.