Generous (2/2): The Generosity Of God’s People

14 March 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Generous

Title: The Generosity of God’s People

Text: 1 Chron. 29:13-19

Everything we have comes from God. As we know how lavish a giver God is, how can we as people of God reflect His generosity?

General Questions:

  1. Read 1 Chronicles 29:14-15. Why do you think David emphasised the limitations of mankind?
  2. Read 1 Chronicles 19:17. What are some attitudes highlighted by David?

Perspective Questions:

  1. How important do you think gratitude and loyalty to God are when it comes to giving? What are some common reasons believers can fail to be grateful or loyal at times?
  2. “We can give without loving but we cannot love without giving.” Do you agree with this statement? What makes you say so?

Application Questions:

  1. It was mentioned in the sermon that we may give with the wrong reasons, such as thinking that our giving can make up for a sin or that we can manipulate God to give us what we want. What are some signs that we may harbour such wrong motives? How can we correct each other gently but firmly?
  2. Is God prompting you to give generously to certain individuals or to a certain cause? What can you do to set aside the sum of money (e.g. if you need to save more or make changes to your budget)?