God The Anchor Of Our Victory (2/3): Anchored In God’s Power

16 February 2020
Daniel Tan, Executive Pastor

Title: Anchored in God’s Power
Text: Exodus 14
Series: God, the anchor of our Victory

Witness God’s display of power as He delivers His people to Victory, and remember that the same God fights for us.

1) God’s Power shows His Sovereignty
– The phrase “God is sovereign” is frequently used among Christians as a reminder, especially during times of uncertainty and difficulty. What does “God is sovereign” actually mean? What are some other instances in the bible where God showed Himself to be sovereign? What does the phrase mean to us personally? Share some stories of how God is / was sovereign over specific circumstances we faced in our lives.

– Compare a person who knows that his / her God possesses supreme or ultimate power, with someone who does not know who to turn to during times of uncertainty / difficulty. How might their thoughts, feelings and responses differ from one another?

– Think about moments in our lives where we encountered certain difficulties which made things very stressful. What’s our usual reaction and method of coping with such situations? If we know that our God has ultimate power over all situations, how might our response be different? Take turns to share.

2) God’s Power teaches us to depend on His strength
– In Exodus 14:14, God told Moses that He will fight for them, and that the Israelites need only to be still. What did God do subsequently to exhibit His power? Why was there a need for God to do that? What was God trying to teach the Israelites then?

– While the idea of God being powerful is not new, learning to depend on God’s strength during difficult times is an ongoing process for many of us and may not be intuitive. Why is that so? What is our natural tendency when facing difficult situations? How did this tendency come about? What might be the underlying mindset or attitude that leads to such tendencies? If there are subtle attitudes of self-reliance / self-sufficiency, come before God in repentance to seek His forgiveness.

– God reminds us that because He has won, we can rely on His strength to deliver us. Pray together that from here on, it is His strength that we will seek first, and not last, when facing difficulties.

3) God’s Power assures us we can trust in Him
– Our trust in God, just like our trust in the people around us. It grows with experiences and situations where God shows Himself faithful and trustworthy. Take turns to share some of these experiences with God, give thanks and encourage one another of His goodness.

– When believers go through unexpected circumstances and suffering, sometimes it is inevitable that our trust in God wavers as well. What does the Bible say about such moments? How do we reconcile our faith in a powerful God, with the hardships and difficulties that we go through in life?

– Many a times, we may not be able to understand what God’s purpose is for allowing His people to go through difficult times. Yet, we can choose to trust in His sovereignty, His power and His love for us. Pray together as a Life Group for this trust to be rooted in His love for us shown on the cross. Let us be grateful (and not forgetful) people during difficult times.