Heart Of A Disciple (3/4) – Making A Difference

20 June 2021
Dennis Loh, Pastor

Title: Making a Difference
Series: Heart Of A Disciple
Text: Matthew 5:13-16

God has sent disciples on His mission to be salt of the earth and light of the world. What does the mission involve?

General Questions:

1) What makes disciples the salt of the earth and the light of the world?

2) What may cause a disciple to lose his or her “saltiness” or hide his or her “light”?

Perspective Questions:

1) Why do you think Jesus finds the need to teach about the “salt and light” function of disciples? What does this tell you about the relationship between disciples and the world?

2) What is the difference between letting one’s light shine before others (Mt 5:16) and showing off one’s acts of righteousness before others (Mt 6:1)? How can believers tell when they are doing the former or the latter?

Application Questions:

1) In what ways are you challenged to be salt and light? What could be holding you back? What may help you to accomplish your God-given mission to be salt and light?

2) In His teaching on disciples being light of the world, Jesus uses the analogy of a brightly lit town on a hill that cannot be hidden (Mt 5:14). This illustrates the corporate effect of the community of disciples shining their light together. How can the LG shine together during pandemic times?