Heart Of A Disciple (4/4): Anchoring Upon The Word

26 June 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor
Title: Anchoring Upon the Word
Series: Heart of a Disciple
Text: Matthew 5:17-20
It is not enough for a disciple of Christ to believe in the existence of God. A disciple would anchor his or her life upon God’s Word revealed in Scripture.
General Questions:
1) Read Matthew 5:17-20, especially verse 18, what does this tell you about the Word of God? How can this give us confidence to root our lives in God’s Word?

2) Read Matthew 5:20. What is inadequate about the righteousness of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law? How can the disciples’ righteousness surpass that of the Jewish religious leaders?

Perspective Questions:

1) Jesus said He came to fulfil the Law and the Prophets (the Old Testament Scriptures). What then should be our attitude towards the Old Testament (OT)?

2) How much does the Word of God determine how you live? Give some examples. How would you respond to someone who tells you that it is hard to live according to the Word?

Application Questions:

1) Which part of God’s Word do you find challenging to obey? If you get into a boxing ring with the challenges, how would you strategise to overcome them? How would you involve the Spirit in your battles?

2) Mentoring is a way that you can receive the ministry of the Word. What are some other means to better understand the Word? What can the LG do to support each other in our journey to understand the Word of God and obey it together?

3) What would a community of disciples anchored upon the Word act like? Imagine a TV crew from a local television network following this community around for a week. What would the film show? How can we work towards being such a community?