Holy Spirit The Enabler Of Our Victory (1/3): When We Need To Live Anew

13 September 2020
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Title: When We Need To Live Anew
Series: Holy Spirit The Enabler Of Our Victory
Text: Romans 8:1-13

Being children of God, we know that we are not only forgiven sinners, but we can also live new lives to the fullest in Christ. At times however, the reality may seem further from this truth. Let us glean new understandings about our daily partnership with the Holy Spirit, and how it leads us to living a victorious life in Christ.

1) The Spirit Sets Me Free (v1 – v4)

What stops believers from believing that they have truly been set free from the power of sin? What can believers do to remind themselves and understand this truth? It is important to recognise that we need true repentance to have true freedom – what does true repentance looks like? Instead of dwelling in guilt, what should believers do instead?

2) The Spirit Guides Me (v5 – v8)

Romans 8:6 reminds us that the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. How can we know whether what we are doing is governed by the flesh or the Spirit? The natural way is to look at circumstances and allow what we see to guide the way we think. How can we allow the Spirit to guide us in seeing the world around us? What does a life that is in step with the Spirit looks like? What can we do to make sure that our lives are in step with the Spirit?

3) The Spirit Empowers Me (v9 – v13)

We know that through the empowerment of the Spirit we are able to live victoriously. However, at the same time we know believers can fall into sin. Why do you think this is so? The parking and power steering illustration highlights that the Spirit’s empowerment comes in tandem with our decision-making. Do you view the Spirit’s empowerment in the same way? What are some wrong ways that people can think about Spirit empowerment? How can understanding the power steering illustration help you as a believer to live a victorious life? What are some first/baby steps you need to make today to live a Spirit empowered victorious life?