Home Ground (1/2): A Unity Worth Fighting For

2 May 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor
Series: Home Ground
Title: A Unity Worth Fighting For
 Ephesians 5:21-33
God’s intent for marriage is that two people together to become one flesh. However, this design of marriage is frequently threatened by man’s self-centredness and demand for his rights. In this passage, the Bible provides guidance and instruction on how we are to defend the unity in our marriages.
General Questions:
1) Can you describe the picture of marriage you see, from what Paul conveyed to wives and husbands respectively in Ephesians 5:22-30?
2) Do you think it is easy or difficult to follow what Paul says? Why? For married couples, what does obeying God in this aspect mean for your relationship?
Perspective Questions:
1) What parallels did Paul draw between the marital relationship and that of the Christ and the church? How does this enrich your understanding of marital relationship and the relationship between Christ and the church?
2) For couples, there may be times when you do not feel like submitting and loving one another – it takes great humility to do so. What stands in the way of such humility? What are ways to overcome the obstacles when such situations arise?
Application Questions:
1) What are some ‘good practices’ you have learnt or reflections from your marriage that you can share with others in the community?
2) Are there areas in your relationship and marriage that God is speaking to you? For example, has your marriage grown more functional? What are some steps that you can take to love one another, to strengthen and build your marriage in a biblical way?