Hope Conference Session 2: Why Let The World See?

1 June 2019
Joseph Chean, National Director of YWAM Singapore

Series: ‘Let The World See’ Hope Conference 2019

Discussion Guide

Is God an attention-seeking God? Is He a narcissist with a desire for admiration? Why does God want the world to see Him?

It is not out of ego that God desires for the Gospel to be preached. It is to fulfil His purposes of redemption that He calls upon His Church to witness, to Let the World See and hear the Gospel proclaimed. Out of love and kindness towards man, He seeks to lead us out of darkness and into His light. His heart is to bring salvation to all who may believe.

Reflection Questions

1) As God’s church, we are sent to the world. Why is it important that we make Christ relevant to people who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with Christian jargon and activities? What are the obstacles we may face? Who are such people in our lives today? How can we think creatively to reach them with compassion?

2) As we preach the Gospel, how are we preaching it with both our words and with our lives? What challenges do we face in it? What can we do as a community to preach in this way?