In God We Trust (1/2): Remain In God’s Provision

1 March 2020
Timothy Yeo, Pastor

Title: Remain in God’s Provision
Text: Deut 8:6-18
Series: In God We Trust

Wealth is a double-edged sword, powerful if wielded correctly but deadly if mishandled. What should our perception of wealth be in light of God’s providence?

1) As God provides, remember to obey His commands

Discuss why do you think God accompanied the description of the Promised Land with the command to “obey His commands and walk in His ways” to the Israelites? As Christians, we have the Word of God to guide us in His ways. How is your obedience to the Word of God today?

How we view money can often reflect where our hearts and treasures are. How does the way we spend our money reveal the condition of our hearts? What is God doing in your heart through your giving habits and choices? Reflect how has our heart attitudes been towards setting aside a tithe to God.

2) As God Provides, Remember that Everything Comes From God

God’s people’s biggest pitfall is forgetting our story – who we were and whose we are. Remember to remember. Remember how we were when God first us? Why is it important for us to “not forget”? At the fringe of the Promised Land, why do you think the theme “Remember” dominated Moses’ parting words? How can we practice the habit of remembering?

The very reason for the Israelites’ complacency was the blessings God gave. Reflect on our own lives: was there any blessing that God provided became the reason of our complacency towards God? In the midst of enjoying what God has given, how much do we give to God and His people?