Let’s Talk About Sexuality [1/2]: In His Image

20 September 2022
Dennis Loh, Pastor

Series: Let’s Talk About Sexuality
Title: In His Image
Text: Various

In the midst of changing sexual norms, we anchor ourselves in unchanging truths from the Bible that shape our understanding of sexuality, guide our response to pro-homosexuality arguments, and encourage us in our struggles.

General Questions:

  1. Why do you think it is important that believers understand God’s view of sexuality? What happens if we disregard God’s intent for sexuality? What happens if we live out God’s design for sexuality? 

Perspective Questions:

  1. Reflect on the three points about sexuality: “Sex is a gift from God,” “Sex is a form of worship to God” and “Sex is to be enjoyed within marriage.” How do these biblical truths differ from what the world says about sex? 

  2. In light of the debate over the repeal of S377A (a law that criminalises sex between men), the church in Singapore is forced to clarify its teaching on homosexuality. While it is clear from Scriptures that homosexual behaviour is prohibited, some pro-homosexuality arguments have emerged over the years that do not actually hold water. What are some examples of these arguments? Why do they fail to hold up when confronted with the truths of Scripture?

Application Questions:

  1. Discuss ways believers can create a safe environment for one another to be open about their struggles, whether sexual or not. What are some fears that we may have when opening up? How can we allay these fears?

  2. The church needs to be ready to journey together in living out God’s design for sexuality. What are some essentials we must take to go on this journey? What is the destination we are heading towards, and how can we keep on the right track?