Love Like Jesus (1/2): Love That Transforms

7 February 2021
Jasmine Poon, Executive Pastor

Series: Love Like Jesus

Title: Love That Transform
Text: Luke 5:27-32
One unchanging attribute of God is that He is love. As followers of Jesus, we want to follow His example in how he loves people. What was so different about the way Jesus loves? Why should we do the same?

General Questions:
1) What is love? Is it just a feeling? What is the biblical teaching on love?
2) Who was Levi? Why was he so despised in society? Why would Jesus want to reach out to him?

Perspective Questions:

1) What are the first things we look out for in people we just met? How do we decide to continue that relationship or not? Have your first impressions ever been proven wrong?
2) What are some common reasons why people will look down on others? Do you think these reasons are valid in light of the gospel? Why?
3) During the service, we wrote our turnaround stories. Have you ever considered, where will you be today if you did not know Jesus? What then is a reasonable response to the grace we have received?

Application Questions:

1) Do you consider yourself as someone in need of God’s grace? What can you do to have a deeper understanding of how much you need God’s grace?
2) What small steps can you take to show love to people you find rather challenging to love? How can the LG support you in loving your neighbours more?