Mighty To Save [2/2]: The Power Of The Gospel

10 August 2022
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Mighty To Save
Title: The Power of the Gospel 

God has called our church to fulfil the Great Commission, and one of the ways is to love Singapore block by block, school by school. Learn biblical perspectives that will empower us to commit to loving our neighbours, schoolmates, and colleagues

General Questions:

  1. Think about the people you interact with the most every week. What are some of their views towards religion? How do they see topics like death, success, and purpose?

  2. In light of the different views people hold towards life and death, what is unique about the gospel message that Paul mentioned in Romans 1:16-17?

Perspective Questions:

  1. “Salvation is God reaching out to us and not us reaching out to God.” How does this idea impact the way Christians see the world and make decisions in life? How do we distinguish between someone who does religion (DO) and someone who follows Christ (DONE)? 

  2. Think about ourselves and the fellow believers around us. What might cause us to feel “ashamed” of the gospel sometimes? What common difficulties do we face in sharing the gospel?

  3. Other than timidity in sharing, what are some other possible signs that we are not fully convinced of or are ashamed of the gospel?

Application Questions:

  1. Take some time to reflect upon the gospel message, thank God for our personal salvation and recommit ourselves to work at growing our relationship with Jesus.

  2. What is one step I can take to bring the gospel to people in our nation this week?