Paradox [1/3]: Finding Rest In Burden

7 February 2022
Michael Raditya

Series: Paradox
Title: Finding Rest in Burden
Text: Matthew 11:28-30

We find rest for our inner man not by relinquishing responsibilities or living lawlessly, but by following Jesus.

General Questions:

  1. What kind of burdens do people often carry? How do they commonly find rest? 

Perspective Questions:

  1. The burden that the Israelites carried was the burden of legalistic traditions and interpretations of the Law. Why is legalism a load that will eventually crush those who insist on bearing it? In what situations could Christians carry such a load too?

  2. Compared to the impossible load of legalism, how is Jesus’ yoke easy and His burden light? What would it take to exchange the load of legalism for the yoke of Jesus?

Application Questions:

  1. Jesus invites us to take His yoke and learn from Him. In what ways can we commit to be His disciples or obey His teaching today?