Pivot: Ready For Change (1/3) – Reorientate With Humility

11 April 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Title: Reorientate With Humility
Text: James 4:13-17

The pandemic can be disorientating, forcing us to rethink our plans and direction in life. How should we reorientate ourselves as we pivot into the unpredictable days ahead?


General Questions:

1) Read James 4:13-17. According to James, how should believers live since life is brief and uncertain? Is James saying that we do not plan? If not, what is James’ message?

2) What is the “good” that believers “ought to do” in v17?

Perspective Questions:

1) Depending on God does not mean that we do not plan. Rather, when we plan, we pivot on revealed truth from God’s Word. Share some examples of how your life decisions reflect your commitment to the Word.

2) In what ways do some believers claim they believe that God exists but plan or behave as if God is not present? Why do you think they struggle to involve God in their planning or decision-making?

Application Questions:

1) Consider the way we make decisions. How can we be less self-reliant and more God-dependent?

2) If you know you have a few days left to live, what are some things you will do differently? What is stopping you from doing it? What will you be bringing to Jesus when you see Him?