Unchanging (3/3): Plant Churches

17 March 2019
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Unchanging

Planting churches is integral to our vision and we have the privilege to do so in the communities God places us in. Will you tap on the power of the Holy Spirit and partner with Him to fulfil the Great Commission?

1) Holy Spirit As Our Power Source

List the different kinds of power (electrical power, political power, the power of wealth etc) you experience in daily life. What do you think are some common features these types of power share? How are they similar to or different from the power of the Holy Spirit?

What are some situations where a Christian would realise his need for the Holy Spirit? Can you identify with any of them? Share an incident in your life where you really needed the Spirit. How did He empower you? The Holy Spirit is not just for some but all believers (see Acts 2:17-18). Why do you think this truth is important? How does it impact your life?

We partner with the Spirit to fulfil the Great Commission. Inevitably, we will meet obstacles. How then, should we perceive and approach our challenges (see 2 Cor 12:9-10)? We cannot be strong in God until we recognise our weaknesses and learn to depend on Him. Do you think this is an easy truth to accept? Why? If all Christians live by this truth, what do you think it would look like? How do you think God’s glory will be revealed if all of us rely on the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit empowers us for life transformation (Gal 5:22-23). Knowing this truth, how would you encourage believers who feel that they will never be able to change? How can your Life Group encourage one another to be more sensitive to the Spirit and to obey His leading? How can you assure one another that you are no longer bound to the sinful desires of the flesh? Share some spiritual breakthroughs you hope to see as you keep in step with the Holy Spirit. Pray for one another and keep them in the know of your progress.

2) Planting Churches As Our Calling

Why is the Church important (see Eph 3:10)? God may be challenging some of us to not just make disciples of those who live in the same country but also of those from other nations. How can you grow your heart for the people of other lands? If God were to provide opportunities for you to bring the Good News to other countries via say, an internship or overseas job posting, would you be willing to do so? Why?

God can send any of us to plant churches abroad – it is up to Him who He calls. Our role is to ready ourselves if He were to summon us. How do you prepare yourself to be a Christian who is willing to stay but is also prepared to go? What would hinder you from going overseas to plant churches? What are some concerns you have? How does God’s word assure you? How do His promises encourage you?

With globalisation bringing in foreigners to our land, we can even do missions on our doorsteps. Do you encounter foreigners daily? How can you show kindness to them? How can you love them as your neighbour? As a Life Group, how can you witness to them together?