Heart Of A Disciple (1/4): Recalibrating Our Values

5 June 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Title: Recalibrating Our Values
Text: Matthew 5:1-10
Series: Heart Of A Disciple

How should we readjust our motivations or principles so that we can become the kind of people that God commends?

General Questions:

1) “Do you think you are blessed? What makes you say so?” How would people around you answer this question? List out as many factors as possible. According to Jesus, what does “blessed-ness” mean? Why does He say so?

2) Regarding the Kingdom of Heaven, what does it mean when we say that the Kingdom is “already here but not yet”? As believers, how can we tell that God’s Kingdom is already here? What do we see or experience, that shows that it is also “not here yet”?

Perspective Questions:

1) The Kingdom of Heaven currently exists in the world, but not yet in its fullness. What are some of the challenges faced by Christians living in such times? Consider your personal experiences, as well as those faced by believers around you. What helps you to persevere in your faith in spite of these challenges?

2) A true disciple values the internal and prioritizes the eternal. How would such a disciple in your current life station live out his or her life? Consider the different aspects of life in your answer, e.g. relating to people, facing mistakes / failures, working on a project etc.

Application Questions:

1) What can you do to help others in the LG keep sight of eternity while experiencing the gains and pains of life on earth? Think of this as the beginning of a commitment to support one another better in our faith.

2) How can the LG help one another to look at blessings differently (i.e. that being blessed is not about what happens to us externally but about who we are internally)?