Test Of A Disciple [3/4]: Being Confident In An Uncertain World

14 March 2022
Timothy Yeo, Pastor

Series: Test Of A Disciple
Title: Being Confident in an Uncertain World
Text: Matthew 6:25-34

As we face an unpredictable future, we strive to take control of our lives. But when things get beyond our control, we spiral into anxiety. What, according to Jesus, is a better way to live in an uncertain world?

General Questions:

  1. Recall a time in your life that is the most uncertain. How did you feel? If you were to go through the same episode again, how would having God and the LG make a difference?

  2. Who is the most confident person you have met? Share an incident when his/her confidence stands out.

Perspective Questions:

  1. Are concerns about food, shelter and retirement valid? How is being concerned and taking responsibility different from worrying (spiralling into anxiety and wanting to take control)?

  2. Why do some believers worry despite knowing that God is their provider? What would assure them that God cares for them and looks out for their needs?

Application Questions:

  1. Matthew 6:33 is not a command and an assurance for the most committed Christians, but for every Christian. How do you think believers can live up to such a high bar set by Jesus?  

  2. Uncertain times can be good opportunities to share the Good News. When others see our confidence, they may want to know why we are different from those who are preoccupied with worries. How can you share the reason for your confidence to people around you today?