The Burning Bush

1 August 2021
Michael Raditya

Title: The Burning Bush – Encountering God in the Desert

The prolonged pandemic has affected our lives significantly. In this difficult season, how can we encounter God?

General Questions:

1) How has the pandemic affected you? What is its impact on your spiritual life?

2) Share about your last encounter with God and the circumstances surrounding it. What was God teaching or telling you?

Perspective Questions:

1) It is easy to sing songs and claim that God is always at work. What are some challenges in believing this for your life? Why do we find it easier to believe in coincidence than in the providence of God? What does the Bible say about God that can help us to hold onto the truth that God is always at work even when we cannot see it?

2) In challenging times, we find it hard to trust that God cares. What are some underlying presumptions when we take challenging times as a sign of God not caring? What does the Bible say about this? How then should we look at difficult times?

3) Desert times can be a time of preparation. What then should we be most concerned about in such situations? If we know that God is at work, how should we face these circumstances?

Application Questions:

1) What are some of your current struggles? What do you think God is currently teaching you? How can the LG support you in this?

2) What can you do today to make room for God’s move? What can the LG do to encourage each other to experience more of God’s presence?