The Church (1/2): The Church Is The Spiritual Family

18 July 2021
Timothy Yeo, Pastor

Series: The Church

Title: The Church is a Spiritual Family
Text: Galatians 6:9-10

Doing good to others is often easier said than done. What motivates believers to do good tirelessly? How does it affect the way we relate to the family of believers?

General Questions:


1) In the preceding verses, Paul states that “…a man reaps what he sows” (v7) and that “…whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life” (v8). Given this backdrop, what could Paul have meant when he says that believers will reap a harvest at the proper time if they do not give up (v9)?

2) Why does Paul emphasise that Christians should do good to fellow believers in particular (v10)?

3) Given the context of Galatians, what could Paul have meant when he said to “do good”?


Perspective Questions:

1) In what ways have you become weary in doing good? Why? How does knowing that we will eventually reap a harvest help you in your weariness? What if this harvest does not occur during our lifetime?

2) The Bible says we will reap a harvest at the proper time if we do not give up. However, when God’s idea of “the proper time” does not fit our timetable, we might become frustrated and discouraged. How does such a response reflect our understanding and expectation of the way God works?

3) As believers, we are to regard each other as a spiritual family. Why is it sometimes difficult to treat each other as such? What are some perspectives and attitudes that need to be changed in order for us to regard other believers as family?

4) Compare and contrast our spiritual family with our biological family. In what ways are they similar? In what ways are they different? How does the way we view and interact with our biological family influence how we relate to our spiritual family?

5) The reality is that the church may struggle, at times, to live up to God’s expectation of His people. Why might this be so? Despite the challenges, why do you think the church is still worth our commitment? Discuss.


Application Questions:

1) What opportunities has God provided in our lives for us to do good to our fellow believers? What is one step we can take today to do so?

2) What is one thing your LG could do together to grow as a spiritual family? Discuss.