The E Word (2/2): A Desire For Boldness

4 October 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: The E Word
Title: A Desire For Boldness
Text: Acts 4:23-31

Being witnesses of Christ requires us to ask God for boldness in the face of opposition. 

General Questions:

  1. Would you consider yourself bold? Why? 

  2. How did recognising that God is in control affect the response of Peter and other believers? What did God do in response to the believers’ prayers (see verse 29-31)? How does this encourage you? 

Perspective Questions:

  1. Why do you think that out of all kinds of requests the believers could make, they asked God for boldness? Reflect on the prayers that you have heard other Christians say in the midst of a crisis. How similar or different are their prayers from that of the believers in Acts 4? What do you think their prayers reveal about their fears and concerns?

  2. Last week, we learned that compassion is also an important attitude in evangelism. Which do you think you need to grow in, compassion or boldness? Why?  

Application Questions:

  1. What can your LG do to cultivate a desire for boldness? What would your LG look like if everyone responds to God’s sovereignty with boldness to do His will?

  2. Sometimes when we face opposition, it is difficult simply to stand firm on our values, much less proclaim the Gospel. What kind of opposition do you foresee you would encounter if you were to share the Gospel? How can the LG support one another through such times?