Behind The Scenes (4/4): The Sovereign Over Us

1 December 2019
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How does the sovereign God providentially watch over His people? When we face threats to our faith, how can we be assured that God is working behind the scenes for our good according to His purpose?

1) God helps His people through His servants (8:3-14; 9:1-4; 10:3)
Life is not a bed of roses, and becoming a Christian does not turn life into one as well. God’s people still face challenging life situations and threats that attempt to erode our faith. Many a times, God uses His willing servants to help His people through these. Think about your journey as a Christian in God’s house so far. Can you recall moments where you received help from God’s servants? Share some memorable ones with your LG.

God is looking for servants who are willing to work for the good of His people. However, there are sometimes obstacles in life that make it harder for us to step out as His servants. What are some obstacles present among Christians at your life station that make it harder for them to go the extra mile to help others? How do these obstacles apply to your life too? What does the Bible say about how a believer should approach them? How do some Christians overcome these obstacles so that their acts of love towards fellow believers are not hindered? How is God prompting you to serve a fellow believer in need now? Would you commit to do something about it this week?

The LG is an important gathering to encourage and support one another through difficult life situations. Are there needs in the group that God has allowed you to see? Think of some practical steps you can take to work for the good of His people in your LG.

2) God protects His people in the midst of their trials (8:15-17; 9:5-32)
Reflect upon some of the most challenging times in your life. During those moments, what were your prayers to God like? Were there times when God did not deliver you from your difficulties immediately, and if so, what were some of your thoughts and feelings through the period? How does understanding that God is faithful in keeping His covenant with His people encourage you to hold onto Christ in your deepest struggles? [Note to facilitator: Exercise sensitivity in getting people to share.]

Read Romans 8:31-39. God’s protection does not mean that He shelters us from troubles and hardships, but that He keeps us secure in Christ even if we face the worst in life. How does this truth encourage you? Share how God used challenges and trials in your life to strengthen your faith. How did He empower you to endure suffering without losing faith? How have the scars from your adversity deepened your appreciation of the Gospel or changed the way you live? How would you encourage a fellow believer who may be going through similar difficulties?

Not all of us are going through a difficult time now, but we can prepare for it. As an LG, how can we prepare one another to face adversity while being secure in Christ’s love? Pray together for God’s protection over our brothers and sisters who are facing trials in their lives, that they will hold fast to who God is and trust in His sovereignty no matter what happens.