Transformed To Influence [2/5]: The Substance – How to be a Credible Influence

23 October 2022
Daniel Tan, Executive Pastor

Title: The Substance – How to be a Credible Influence
Series: Transformed to Influence
Text: Titus 1:5-16

What does it take to be a credible influence? More than intelligence, talent or money, it takes substance.

General Questions:

  1. Think about some of the most credible people in your life. What makes you trust them?
  2. Share about an occasion where you misplaced your trust in someone. What did it teach you about the importance of credibility?
  3. What is the difference between personality and character? Which has more to do with credibility and why? How has social media changed the way we think about credibility?

Perspective Questions:

  1. To be a credible influence, we must put our relationships in order. Yet we often take the people closest to us for granted. What hinders us from prioritising our relationships?
  2. Which of the six virtues in Titus 1:8 do you think is most difficult to cultivate? What if we struggle in these areas? Can we still be a credible influence and why?
  3. Reflect on whether you have been walking the talk or practicing what you preach. What motivates or helps you to live with integrity?
  4. What do you think your family, workplace and even society will look like if every believer lives consistently with the biblical values they are taught?

Application Questions:

  1. Think about the relationships you may have placed in the backseat as you pursue other things in life. How can you prioritise them again?
  2. Reflect on how the Spirit has been sanctifying you and building your character. What is one thing you can give thanks to God for? 

  3. How can you deepen your understanding and improve your application of biblical values?