Transformed To Influence [5/5]: The Defender – How Can We Manage Negative Influences

16 November 2022
Timothy Yeo, Pastor

Title: The Defender – How Can We Manage Negative Influences
Series: Transformed to Influence
Text: Titus 3:9-15

We do not influence in a vacuum. If we want to influence people positively towards Christ, we have to be aware of negative influences that seek to draw people away from Him. How can a believer continue to influence in the face of different, perhaps even hostile, opinions?

General Questions:

  1. Recall some of the negative influences you have encountered. Perhaps you were a product of these negative influences before you became a Christian. What makes these negative influences powerful or irresistible?\

Perspective Questions:

  1. Negative influences can distract us from influencing the world for Christ. What are some examples of negative influences you can think of that could derail Christians from focusing on the Great Commission?

  2. Why do you think it is easy to get entangled in debates and controversies, especially on social media platforms? Why are such arguments and speculations unprofitable and useless to the Kingdom?

  3. If we should not get distracted by debates and controversies, what then should we focus on?

Application Questions:

  1. How do we differentiate people who are genuinely questioning from people who just want to create controversy for the sake of it? How would we respond to them differently? 

  2. What can we do for people in our faith community who are caught up in controversies and arguments? How can we lead them firmly but gently back to the truth?

  3. How can we work better as a team to advance the Kingdom together?