Unchanging Series [1/2]: Connection With The Holy Spirit

1 July 2024
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Unchanging
Title: Connection with the Holy Spirit
Text: Ephesian 5:18-20, Luke 11:5-8, 11-13

Speaking in tongues should not be sought for its own sake. At the heart of it, it is about desiring the gift of the Person of the Spirit and desiring to connect with God through the Spirit.

General Questions:

  1. How is your hunger and desire for the Holy Spirit in your life? What was your response to the Church Health Survey on how regularly do you pray in tongues? Has the desire for the Holy Spirit grown since you received Christ, or have you become more passive in seeking to rely on and be filled with the Holy Spirit?
  2. What is your understanding of the role of Holy Spirit in your life? What are your personal encounters with the Holy Spirit as a partner from God, who guides, teaches and empowers us? Share a personal experience or example of how the Holy Spirit has helped you.

Perspective Questions:

  1. Have you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Describe your experience and how has that experience changed your spiritual life. Did you continue to seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit after that experience?
    If you have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, what are the reasons? Have you personally asked God? Pastor Jeff mentioned that desire and faith are necessary to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Are these or other reasons hindering you?
  2. Do you consider yourself as someone who value spiritual things, and are you conscious of the spiritual realm? Why do you think so?

Application Questions:

  1. Do you go through life conscious of the Holy Spirit? What are the changes that you can make in your life to listen and be familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit? What is the next step for you?
  2. Think about various aspects of your life – your personal being, family and ministries. Are there areas in your life that you require the Holy Spirit to intercede on your behalf? Pray together with your mentor or with your LG for breakthrough in those areas.