Under One Roof (2/3): Honour Your Parents

28 April 2020
Michael Raditya

Honouring our Parents
Deut 5:16

As we spend more time at home and with our families in the Circuit Breaker period, how do we use this season to strengthen our familial relationships? Let’s learn what the Bible teaches us on honouring our parents and how we can practise this command in every season.

Discussion Questions:

1. What are some difficulties we have in obeying God’s command to honour our own parents? How can we continue to honour them despite these difficulties?

2. When God gives a command, He expects us to obey even though we might not fully agree with nor understand His reasons behind it. How does knowing this affect how we respond to God’s command to honour our parents?

3. Obedience has its limits, in that we should respectfully disagree with our parents if they expect us to go against God’s commands. Have you ever been in a situation where you faced a tension between obeying God and honouring your parents? How can you continue to obey God and still respect your parents in this circumstance?

4. The sermon gave us a few suggestions (e.g. fellowship, affirmation, contribution) on how we can honour our parents. What is one way we can start practising today?

5. God knows it might be hard for us to obey our parents at times. We might also feel overwhelmed from managing the different family responsibilities and commitments we have (e.g. caring for ageing parents, bringing up our own children). How does knowing that God is watching out for us help and sustain us in doing so?

6. How does upholding God’s command to honour our parents contribute to the formation of a stable family and society? Discuss.