Ways Of A Disciple (1/6): Beyond Being Peace-Loving

17 October 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Ways Of A Disciple
Title: Beyond Being Peace-Loving
Text: Mt 5:21-26

Whether it is road rage, fiery exchanges on social media or passive aggressiveness in our relationships, we know how easy it can be to get angry. We may try to suppress our anger by being peace-loving – we avoid conflict or ignore our problems. But disciples of Christ are called to a higher way of living.

General Questions:

1) Think about the people you interact with often. In general, how do they deal with conflicts?

2) Based on the passage in Matthew 5:21-26, what is Jesus saying about reconciliation? What are some possible consequences of not choosing to reconcile?

Perspective Questions:

1) Beyond condemning the act of murder, Jesus also condemns the harbouring of internal malicious anger towards others. What are some possible reasons why this matters to God? What does this mean for how we experience and deal with our internal anger towards others?

2) Jesus is teaching that we need to get our relationship with people right even as we desire to have a right relationship with God. What are some factors that often hinder believers from getting right their relationships with others?

3) Reflect on our life experiences so far. Do we know people who seem to be at peace on the surface but actually harbour anger in their hearts? Share some stories. On the other hand, think about and share instances where reconciliation led to blessings, either for us or for the people we know.

Application Questions:

1) The practice of asking the Holy Spirit to surface our offence towards others and humbling ourselves to seek forgiveness can lead to real reconciliation in our relationships (e.g. in marriages, life groups, families). How can we incorporate this practice into our daily routines? What are some possible adjustments we need to make?

2) Are there any unresolved conflict in our lives? Take the time to bring these to God and allow them to be brought to light. Share with the life group, your leaders, or someone trusted. Seek God’s grace and choose to forgive. What can you do to reconcile with the people you offended?