We His People (2/4): Follow In His Ways

14 June 2020
Dennis Loh, Pastor

Series: We His People
Title: Follow in His Ways
Text: Philippians 2:5-11

Come and learn how we should become more like Christ as we are united with His life and Resurrection, following in His humility, servanthood and eventually sharing in His exaltation.

1) As we think about our spiritual life and church culture today, what kind of entitlements do you think believers might be prone to have? How do you think these entitlements come about?

2) How does Jesus’ model of taking on the nature of a servant differ from the entitlement mentality discussed earlier? What does being a servant look like in our workplace, family of LG? Why do you think believers may struggle to follow Jesus in being a servant? What kind of mindset change would it require for us to serve like Jesus did?

3) As you look at the relationships with your family, LG, colleagues, and community, select one area which you think the Holy Spirit is prompting you to give up your rights such that you can obey God by serving and loving others. What practical steps do you want to take in order to do so?