We His People (4/4): Shine With Joy As His Children

28 June 2020
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor
Title: Shine With Joy As His Children
Series: We His People
Text: Phil 2:14-18
God works in us, this we believe – how does this understanding change our attitude towards how we ought to live in the world and how we respond to challenges? Learn what it means to shine for Christ with joy!
Discussion Questions:
1) We live differently from our world (v14 – v16a)
What is the difference between grumbling and being honest about our struggles? What does it reflect about a Christian who does not grumble or complain, even in difficult situations? How is such a Christian different from people of the world? In this pandemic, many of believers are also facing trying situations. What is one thing during this period that believers tend to grumble about?
2) We rejoice in the midst of challenges (v16b – v18)
Why is it that Christians can be joyful amidst difficult times? As a community of God, seeing fellow believers persevering in their faith is something we work towards and celebrate. In recent times, have we experienced such joy in our community? How can we as a people of God encourage each other to persevere in the faith during trying times? How would persevering in our faith be our testimony to the world?